Friday, December 28, 2007

A New Free Poker Bot for the New Year. No More Excuses

For my New Year's resolution, I'm going to create a new pokerbot with OpenHoldem.

I will create this bot transparently, here, on this blog...step by step. We'll start from the beginning, so if you are looking for a tutorial or guide to get started botting from ground zero, this may be the place. My goal is to create an ABC, typical tight aggressive, bot that can be easily modified. I won't be including any opponent modeling (at least in the short term) or any complicated dlls, so we won't be outsmarting the nosebleed stakes by any means. We'll delve deeply enough to whet your appetite, though. With a little luck and a lot of work, you might create the next best poker bot.

Anyone willing to put in the time will have a step by step guide to creating their own poker bot based on the free open-source OpenHoldem platform. Maybe I shouldn't call it a free poker bot since you'll be paying for it with sweat and time even if it won't cost a single penny from your bankroll.

We'll talk about security, poker theory, bankroll management, statistical analysis, and anything else that comes up as the bot creation unfolds. I hope you will join in the process. Comments and emails will not only help me to know what topics to cover, but will motivate me to stay on task. This blog will be moving to a permanent home soon, and we'll have forums for more in depth discussion.

Until the big kickoff, if you'd like to come along for the ride (you'll be shocked how fun and addictive poker bots are once you get rolling) you'll need to prepare. Become familiar with OpenHoldem, WinHoldem, and their respective discussion forums. Gather your links to good poker theory. Read and research at least the basics so you have a solid foundation to build upon and a basic working vocabulary of texas holdem and poker bots . I'm happy to answer questions, but the entire bot development will slow to a crawl if I answer "What is prwin??" twenty times a day.

Best of luck for the New Year,